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  • How does the JPEG TRASH BIN work?

    To use The JPEG TRASH BIN, you can use OpenSea to send single NFTs to jpegtrashbin.eth/jpgbin.eth or use our dApp at to bundle multiple NFTs into one transaction. The NFT will be sold for 100 Wei, and the realized loss can be used to offset capital gains from other investments.

  • What Is This?

    The JPEG TRASH BIN is a tax loss harvesting tool. It allows investors to sell their illiquid NFTs (non-fungible tokens) for a fixed price of 100 Wei.

  • Who Is Behind This Project?

    Built with ⚡️ by Hashes DAO

  • Pricing And Discounts?

    0.02 ETH is the cost for every regular Trash Bin user but for everyone in the Hashes community discounts apply -> 25% to Hash Holders: 0.015 ETH and for our DAO Members there is a 75% discount or 0.005 ETH cost to buy an NFT from the contract.

  • What Is The Associated Smart Contract Address?

    Mainnet address: 0xf43a8DD18Bf488825caE7E8B5A8693e3423fE4f5

  • How Many NFTs Can I Buy?

    You may purchase a max of 100 NFTs per transaction.

  • How Long Does It Take Until a NFT Becomes Buyable?

    20000 Blocks on Ethereum or roughly 3 Days.

  • What Is Tax Loss Harvesting?

    In order to make losses count on your taxbill you need to realize the loss by selling what you have bought higher. Just forgetting about this can cost you a lot of money because you probably bought your NFTs with profits on which you have to pay taxes.

  • What Is Hashes DAO?

    Hashes are a NFT primitive and the DAO is governing that primitive and working on other Project like this one to serve the NFT community or to simply collect art but see more under: